Taxi 7 seat

At present, our company has 7 seat Toyota vehicles new life in 2009 VIOS 1.5E, Toyota Zace, Toyota Innova, with a team of experienced drivers and single car terminals throughout the city will always offer with you trekked to all corners.
* In addition to the form of payment by cash, check, we also released:
"Taxi Coupon" in denominations of 12,000 VND, 14,000 VND, 20,000 VND convenient for customers to use as gifts or payment instead of cash.
"Taxi Voucher denominations are not" pay very convenient for our customers are leaders or employees in companies wishing to use the taxi service. Customers only need to write up the invoice amount actually paid to and the end of each month (on the bill signed by the customer interface for driving

* Please call us to enjoy 24/24 unit price of friendship: 38,458,458
11.000vnd/800m first - 7 seats
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Hotline: 091 889 1303

Vice Director: Nguyen Tran Quang Huy


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