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About us

With , whole-hearted, self-motivated staff, travel service is developed strongly and becomes one of important business line of Saigontourist Transport Joint-Stock Company.

Domestic travel, During past years, Saigontourist Transport Joint-Stock Company has developed strongly domestic travel. With its prestige, experience and whole hearted and professional style of services, we can provide tourist services all over Vietnam. We have offered various forms of tourism such as sightseeing, discovering cultural historical monuments, picnic, camping, convalescence, ecology, travel by sea boat, exchange of culture, holding customer conference tours. With strong point is that design of tours at customer's request, we have ever held tour with number of tourists to be more than 2.000 persons

International travel, with professional service style, we have held successfully many outbound tours going to several continents in the world such as Pacific - Asia, Europe, and North America. In our capacity as member of Radius travel management Group, we have advantage in booking hotel worldwide in shortest time, accordingly, it provides favorable condition for customers and cost-saving. With such advantages, the company always improve and develop new and attractive sightseeing tours to meet increasing and various need of customers

Organization of event - MICE-Tour, during past times, thanks to confidence of companies and non-governmental organizations in Vietnam, we have held conference, seminars, exhibition, fairs of companies in professional manner to satisfy the need of customer. We can provide the following services:

  • To hold conference: opening ceremony, customer conference, celebration of the date of the establishment
  • To hold conference, fairs, exhibitionm in combination with travel at home and abroad
  • To hold travel to participate in exhibition, fair, learning about the market and seeking potential business partner in foreign market.

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