Vietnam's past reads like a romantic legend, full of heroic struggles and outstanding victories. But Vietnam today is a growing country with Vietnam tourism as a major industry of government policy. Tourists flock to Vietnam attracted by the uniqueness in its culture, terrains, and many well-known cuisines. Vietnam's hidden charm comes from its landscape with pristine rivers, waterfalls, and scores of unforgettable caves at Nha Trang beach, Phu Quoc Island or Ha Long bay? World Heritage designated site. In addition, Vietnam's attraction also comes from a community composed of 54 ethnic groups with its borders. Visitors are often surprised by the region's distinct culture.

Saigontourist Transport Corporation (STC) is a company leading in the tourist industry in Vietnam with over 30 years of experience? recognized services provided to its clients including:

  • Domestic and International travel services, MICE.
  • Labor cooperation
  • Study abroad consultant via combining with foreign Universities.
  • Car rental, car maintenance and Saigontourist taxi service
  • Semi-public Vocational training.
  • Driving training.
  • International and domestic plane ticket agent.
  • Export - Import.
  • Saigontourist Transport Corporation has become a member of RADIUS since 2006. This is of great importance so that Saigontourist Transport Corporation could firmly establish itself in the Vietnamese market. RADIUS? the global travel company is one of the world's largest travel management companies. RADIUS is comprised of over 90 shareholder agencies in 80 countries around the world with over 4,900 travel agency locations. RADIUS's headquarters in Maryland in the United States with regional offices servicing the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

    Saigontourist Transport Corporation always desires to satisfy client demands and considers that Prestige, Quality, and Excellent Service leading development company in the future.