• First of, Transport Joint Stock Company Saigon Tourist (STC) glass-mailed to you to thank the supporters trust our company during the time.
  • Currently our company is on the rise, confirms its position in services such as passenger service (Saigontourist Taxi), rental car services from 4-45 seats, travel domestic, international air ticket agent for the airlines and foreign vocational training centers and sales of tourism. We have been achieved many accomplishments, more and expand to serve all over the country. Taxi Saigontourist many years you are selected as favorite service by service style safety and caring.
  • Born from the car directly under the Union Tourist Company HCM City in September 7/1976 the development does not always stop and complete its assigned targets. Asserted to grow it "Saigon Tourist Automobile Factory" was Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee decision No. 125/QDUB established on September 16, 1986 with a then-human resources of 300 employees. To May 7/1999 by decision of the General 35/QDUB-KT/HDQT/QD/TCT C. Saigon Tourist Company to convert Saigontourist Transport Corporation and on May 26, 2003 by the HCMC People's Committee No. 1988 / QDUB recognized as a State Enterprise Grade I, the unit is always kept the flag of the City of movement "to drive safely, improve mental services. Company has hundreds of international visitors send compliments about the service attentive, caring and have good service officials, athletes and coaches in international Seagames 23 contribute to the overall success of the Ho Chi Minh City.
  • The company was the State Committee NDTP increased emulation, many with praise, commendation letters of achievement for timely and secure.
  • On January 1, 2005 as decided by the City People's Committee of 4693/QDUB converted into Joint Stock Company Saigontourist Transport.
  • To operate in accordance with the trend of joining WTO, AFTA and develop tourism services globally. On May 16, 2006 Joint Stock Company Transport Tourism officially joined the global corporate travel RADIUS (The Global Travel Company