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More than 30 years of operation in the field of interdisciplinary services, with a strong transport, Saigontourist Transport Corporation serving for the summit conference, which is the most recent meeting of ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM42) in Danang on past 25-8. AEM 42, attended by 18 economic ministers, including Economy Minister of 8 ASEAN partner countries as China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, EU, Russia.
There are also company representatives, research institutions and the media, the press inside and outside ASEAN. This is one of the most important meeting of ASEAN in 2010.
Have served successfully as the special events as SEA Games 22 in 2003, the General Assembly in the Asian Games (Asian Indoor Games) The 3rd in 2009, the Conference Central Bank ASEAN 6th (ACGM6 )…, Saigontourist Transport Corporation honored to be selected to continue participating in transport service for AEM 42.
Specialized transport service for special events AEM 42 officially took place on 25-8 but from 18-8, the company's fleet was in Da Nang to serve international delegations VIP. As well as important events before,  Saigontourist Transport Corporation has established steering committee would work to serve transportation AEM 42.
Prior to Da Nang, fleet had to undergo rigorous testing times quality vehicles as well as team drivers to ensure absolute safety. 33 Mercedes and 15 Toyota Camry are not only perfect in appearance, not a scratch, but also subtle inside the car, the scent must be consistent with the weather, even with each guest with VIP.

Serve transportation AEM 42.

Was successful in serving the summit to create credibility for the company, but a professional with experience of staff is what makes customers satisfied. Before that, from 18 to 24-7 in Dalat  Saigontourist Transportation Corporation service for Energy Ministers Meeting  ASEAN (AMEM) 28th.
Transport fleet serves at AEM 42 conference It is also an important event, marking the close of the ASEAN energy cooperation in implementing the goals form the ASEAN Economic Community. After AEM 42, the company continues to prepare a team car, professional staff to cater to a high level meeting that will take place in late 2010.
Not only do the important event, a fleet of nearly 500 cars companies with enough cars typically 4 to 45 seats as Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Printer, Toyota Camry, Toyota Vios, Innova, Zace, Hyundai Aero Space, Hino ... can provide a car hire service professional within 24 hours of the customer's requirements. Also nice cars, new, high quality team of company drivers who are experienced and have the ability to communicate in English to serve foreign customers as needed.
Besides the taxi services at Ho Chi Minh City, customers voted "Favorite Brand", "Top ten Vietnamese brand" for years. The company has been chosen by management of  four, five star hotels as Park Hyatt, Caravelle, Sheraton, Rex, Majestic, Oscar, Grand ... and Tan Son Nhat airport, Sai Gon station chosen to serve.
Interdisciplinary activities As a interdisciplinary unit meets the strength in transportation and other services of the company is operating very effectively. Currently, the company also has travel services, training and labor export, protection, import, export, trade fairs, trade cooperation. Since the reputation of the Saigontourist Transport Corporation, each re-creating sector mark, contributing to the reputation of the company.
Most prominent is the labor export center include orders with thousands of labors to Malaysia, Macau, Japan, Dubai markets... The labor will be recruited at Labor Training Center of Saigontourist intensive training on professional skills, foreign language and culture before labors moving abroad to work.
With many tours and extensive years of travel service  Saigontourist Transport Corporation is also the name familiar to tourists. As a member of the Group Management of global travel company ( RADIUS), the company has many advantages in hotel booking worldwide in the shortest possible time, saving time and cost for customers when choosing outbound tours.
Besides, domestic tourism and events - MICE has also very confidence in customers. A another " face", is a Long Van Security Limited Company, a member, although young (established in 2009, October ) but over a year of operation has shown effective when company received several important contracts to protect .
In 2010, the company continued to receive  SGGP Newspaper awarded "Vietnam Trademark favorite." Award as a recognition of the company's contributions in many sectors, especially in transportation - making the brand field Saigontourist Transport Corporation.
Saigontourist Transport Corporation has received the honor "Vietnam Trademark favorite" in 2010 by  SGGP newspaper awarded. As the 5th consecutive year institutions, a prestigious program, "Vietnam Trademark love" has actually become a bridge between enterprises and consumers in Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to the development of consumer culture of Vietnamese. Mr. Nguyen Minh Nhut - Director of Research and Development of Company  receive the award by Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong - Deputy Chairman of HCM City.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Nhut - Director of Research and Development of Company  receive the award by Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong - Deputy Chairman of HCM City